Zabel & Company History

We're very proud of our humble beginnings in the early 1990's, as it's helped us form the organization and our core principle's that we still operate by today. Over the last 25+ years, we've moved into several different locations as we've grown and expanded our staff to meet our client's needs.

TAG Was Started At Redpath & Company

This can be information about what TAG is, as I don't know what TAG is. Some supporting info to touch on why TAG was strated and it's roots can go in this space.

TAG Was Bought Out From Redpath & Company

This can be information about why TAG was bought out and by whom and the new direction for buying it out. Good milestone to focus on the companies independence.

Zabel & Company Official Founded

This can be information about why TAG was then turned into Zabel & Company and the reason for the new direction from TAG. Still not sure what TAG means.

Zabel & Company Merger With Sampair

Can briefly touch on the two year span of 2011 until 2013 and the Zabel Sampair era and it's ending and how it positively impacted the company or if this is a milestone not wanted to be shared publicly.

Zabel & Company Add ERP Solutions For Clients

This can be a brief write-up on the addition of the Accumentia ERP tax solution being added to the service portfolio and how many clients have been helped with to date, and any other listing of ERP certificates or accredidations.